About Us

Adexilis Hungary is a startup company founded in Budapest, 2016 focusing on the niche areas of women’s health. Our aim is to search for cutting edge products of the industry and bring them to the doctors and patients. We want to give women a  broader possibility of choices whether it is family planning, contraception or issues connected to menstruation. We would like to take up a role not only in creating the newest trends (in pharma, supplements or medical devices) in Hungary but also caring and consulting women in their full life-cycle.

Our philosophy: “Your choice in women’s health”

Brief summary of our company & staff:

  • Geographic focus: Hungary
  • Therapeutic focus: women’s healthcare

Our Team:

Gabriella Virágh Dr

  • More than two decades of experience in Women’s healthcare marketing both in Hungary and in international environment from Organon, SP, MSD and Gedeon Richter.
  • Participated in over 100 product launches worldwide including: Nuvaring, Elonva, Lisvy contraceptive patch and several generics.

Our competencies:

  • Decades of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals
  • Far-reaching contacts with the key industry actors
  • Flexibility is our core value
Adexilis Group