About Us

Adexilis Hungary was founded end 2016 in Budapest. Adexilis Hungary is part of the Adexilis Group of Companies. Adexilis focuses on commercialization of products, Bio-partnering and is involved in Investment in Life-science. If you want to learn more about Adexilis please click here: www.adexilis.com.

Today, Adexilis Hungary has 2 main areas of operations. We represent the market leader extra-corporal photopheresis, Therakos and we are building a Hungary first customer centric platform in Women`s Health.

In Women`s Health our aim is to search for cutting edge products of the industry and bring them to the doctors and patients. We want to give women a  broader possibility of choices whether it is family planning, contraception or issues connected to menstruation. We would like to take up a role not only in creating the newest trends (in pharma, supplements or medical devices) in Hungary but also caring and consulting women in their full life-cycle.

We strive to become the leading Women`s Heath platform in Hungary first and later expand to neighboring countries until we become a true European platform for innovative, trusted platform for our customers.

Adexilis Group